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Urumqi's Tonghui Second-Hand Car Trading Market utilizes CamSight 4K panoramic IP cameras

As the largest used car trading platform in Urumqi, Xinjiang, the Tonghui Second-Hand Car Trading Market has chosen CamSight 4K panoramic IP cameras as its monitoring devices to ensure the safety and transparency of transactions. These advanced cameras employ 4K panoramic technology, offering wide-angle coverage, high definition, and intelligent features, providing numerous important advantages for market managers and participants.

Firstly, the CamSight 4K panoramic cameras achieve comprehensive monitoring of the entire trading venue through their wide-angle coverage capability. Whether it is the parking lot, display area, or trading hall, the cameras capture footage of every corner, ensuring the overall security of the market. This wide-angle coverage also helps reduce blind spots and dead zones, enhancing the comprehensiveness of surveillance and providing robust support for security management.

Secondly, the CamSight 4K panoramic cameras enable market managers to have real-time knowledge of the market's actual situation through the transmission of live video streams. Managers can view the high-definition footage captured by the cameras in real-time through a monitoring center or mobile devices, allowing them to monitor the market's trading activities and personnel movement. This real-time capability not only enhances managers' control over the market but also helps them promptly identify and address potential issues, ensuring smooth transaction processes.

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