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Huizhou City's Experimental High School Security Provided by CamSight

Huizhou Experimental High School Enhances Campus Security Monitoring System with CamSight's Latest 4K IP Intelligent Analytics Cameras


Huizhou Experimental High School has recently implemented a series of policies to improve its campus security monitoring system, upgrade campus software and hardware, and implement an automatic intruder warning system. To ensure the safety of its teachers and students, the school has opted for a comprehensive security monitoring system. After conducting in-depth research, the school decided to implement an integrated system comprising CamSight's video management system and the latest 4K IP intelligent analytics cameras to establish a "virtual fence" system.


Enhancing Image Capability with CamSight's 4K IP Cameras

During the initial planning stage, the school commissioned a system integrator and distributor to conduct a preliminary assessment of the campus. The campus features minimalistic perimeter walls that enclose a semi-outdoor environment. As a result, lighting issues were identified, including alternating light sources during both day and night, as well as interference from headlights in the alleyways at night.


These challenges posed difficulties for ordinary cameras to process images effectively. To overcome these issues, the system integrator recommended the use of CamSight's outdoor 4K IP intelligent analytics cameras. The selected models are equipped with an 8-megapixel CMOS sensor, built-in intelligent infrared, and 3D noise reduction technology. Even in low-light conditions, these cameras can capture moving vehicles and individuals with exceptional clarity.


Moreover, the cameras feature WDR PRO+ technology to address alternating or high-contrast lighting challenges. WDR PRO+ enables the cameras to maintain excellent visibility in extremely bright and dark environments.


Improving Real-Time Campus Safety with CamSight's Video Management System

Huizhou Experimental High School has an open-plan campus with low-cut walls, which creates a welcoming atmosphere but also increases the risk of intruders. To address this issue, the system integrator chose CamSight's video management system in combination with the latest 4K IP intelligent analytics cameras to create a virtual fence system.


When a suspicious individual enters the campus perimeter and triggers the electronic fence, the CamSight cameras immediately utilize intelligent analytics technology to detect any human presence in the captured images. The system then initiates background linkage alarms for the detected area. In case of an intrusion, the system sounds an audible alarm on the camera and sends a warning notification to the administrator. During nighttime, the audible alarm function can be automatically deactivated while retaining the notification function, ensuring minimal disturbance to nearby residents while maintaining the highest level of security for the school.

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